Saturday, March 7, 2020


In view of the fact that gas plants and other facilities are forced to increase the performance and profitability of their production systems.The engineers have improved the machines networks to be operated to their limits in order to satisfy the increasing demand for oil and gas production.This efficiency however increases the magnitude of risk for operating facility to presently provides sufficient assessment of maintenance variability and the systems stability.
The mechanical maintenance area and primary inspection of equipment protection are also important in order to prevent production  failures and faults.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Air filters are replaced from time to time in an operating engine or machine, based on the maintenance program,because the air system is an essential part due to its atomization of energy level..A combination of fuel or gas and oxygen enhance efficient combustion and performance of the machinery, It also act as a protective device against entrance of flying object into the combustion chamber.The improvement of the engine effective operation through the network phenomena via the induction system can hardly be overemphasised,Therefore its appropriate enhancement improves the ratio of the charge and also facilitate the swirl energy in the combustion chamber,So it provides effective energy balance as the engine operate. Efficient performance of the operating machinery creates a positive leverage for optimal load bearing.So that sudden stoppage of the operating machinery should be avoided to prevent knecking or damages.It is very essential to regulate and ram down the machinery carefully to avoid distortion of the inernal components..

Sunday, October 20, 2019


Some organsation keep some special records that are very essential in all their operational emmergency plants or machines.The equipment are tested during the week-end against the adjoining week days just to ascertained that their production operational demands are attained without losses.the method also elevate production requirement and achievement of operational target,it implies that the all set-points are checked and some data are also recorded such as the following,oil temperature,hydraulic pressure,battery voltage,discharge pressure,running hours,water level in the radiator,diesel persent stage,running hour,engine oil pressure,engine speed,suction pressure,radiator water level,operating ambient,drive end and non drive end temperature,after-cooler temperature,oil breather outlet fume,turbo-charger temperature and exhaust fume etc.

Saturday, October 19, 2019


There is sense in this word trouble-shooting ,its meaning may imply an act of investigating a problem, that may eminate in an operating device or system,It could be from an operating plant,vehicle,pump,compressor,turbine,lifting gears and deviation of precision data.It Means that those involved in this search must be extremely careful in the steps to follow. what they may require in troubleshooting could be toolbox or measuring instrument,but they should be sure that all safety measures are enhanced prior starting.Toolbox meeting is essential in this system of assignment program, so that the records of the number of personels can be identified.Inventory of the necessary tools to be used should also be recorded,other instruments that may be used should also be identified.As the investigation starts check every isolation network, if any other application of any device may be required, make calls to inform your contacts.The trouble shooting should be conducted according to the documented procedural steps.

Friday, October 18, 2019

The engineering cost commitment.

In the process of development of some tangible assets,the initial consideration is often geared toward cost or how much that will be involved in the process of time.These circumstances had made industries both manufacturing and poduction network to remain perpectually very low profiled with the insights that they are managing what they had to substain their company income.The industrial area is very essential and involved severed determination, to propels tangible goods and designed that will catapult their production economically. And the product outlays and modification being the main area that will attract customers to patronise their product should be able to compete favourably. It is important to avoid dwendling in an economic environment that can not put your desired diets, foods on the table,when you call yourself an expertised.cost are extremely important to accountant,Engineers,and managers and are used for various purposes,They represent variety of network phenomena and can enable a company strategically .

Engineering Economy.

The sense in this system outlays involved considering the economic steps that are applied in  engineering structuring,its involvement in reduction of cost,and profit optimization.The term economy serve as a cardinal towards the development of the organization,and has an identity crisis.It involved means of controlling steps that consume exessive expenditure and a way of investment,others are as follows:1,reduction of cost and optimization of the profits
2,In this comparism steps, it uses several systems of cost axioms and concepts. And it can be grouped into categories such as 3.Future and opportunity costs,4.fixed and variable cost.5.Average and marginal costs cycle costs 7.Direct and overhead cost 8.Past or sunk cost.etc

Optimization of maintenance

In optimising of maintenance,it is important or imperative to know parameters obtained in several essential element to correlate these results obtained in their several test and operating performance.The metrology and alignment inspections results are most likely data,indexes, or factors that might be compared, which may also necessitate their operating life, in which the ambient is compared,temperature within some certain operating devices has to be regulated for efficient performance.So there should be regular monitory.why do we have to propel this idea of inspection of installed equipment and available technology within the operating background of such important factors is to determine the systems life cycle and the operating intervals.