Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Vibration Effects on Operating Equipment.

Technically, operating a machine with abnormal vibration signal is impossible in the sense that it can result to distortion of the machinery, It implied that as soon as the amplitude of the machine resonance is in disharmony ,the operating device will tripped on fault, or it should be stopped, and the malfunctioned parts should be replaced.There are several measures that will be required or applied to adentify the factors of decay:
1. The temperation of the operating device will increase in contrast to the norminal or ambient temperature rating of the device.
2,It will develop an abnorml noise and the transient effect will be transmitted to other operating components.
3.It can result to slacken electric motor flange, and if not properly traced,it will transmit to the inner core of the machinery.
4.It can also affect the rotating belt life, motion, tear, which in effect could lead to incessant belt vibration and wear. Monitor your operating devices regularly and avoid falsification of abnomal information to any operating devices, 

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Trouble shooting of machine vibration

It may take quite some years to observe some abnormal factor that may develop in an installed equipment or machinery. These details are written for the end users of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), on machinery and other installation initiators. Every equipment sold by OEM is embedded with  some instructional steps that may guide buyers. It may include assembling and disassemblying and method of installation of the machinery,and other installation steps, including the foundation.Of course such equipment installation and operation are firstly handled by these companies for transferency of operation and other technology. A test will also be performed by these group of companies to ensure the efficiency of performance of the equipment or machinery.Hence  the organization might also request to train some personels that might take charge of the equipment. It is the instruction earmarked by these manufactuer that provides the methodology on the application and the serviceability factors of the equipment.If the user are careful on the instructions for process handling and operational details methodology,a yardstick for the best performance indexes of the machinery be will obtained. These process enable other details that are essential for the functional intervals of the machineries to be adequately utilized with effecient performance in production operation and maintenance. In some circumstances vibration occurence will be eliminated during the installation of the plant or equipment by the organization.And due to their effectiveness the professionals will handle the alignment processes to precision. Due protect your knowledge of production,operation and maintenance with some effecient standard and adequate professional ethice. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

effect of temperature on heat exchanger.

Most operating device or equipment that uses heat exchanger as a cooling source or a media through which heat can be dissipated from the operating equipment should be adequately treated.These equipment cannot function effectively when there is inadequate cleaning of the fins.
And one of the most essential need for regulatory sequence of the sixth monthly maintenance is for avoidance of failure,so the monitoring of the performance of the plant and its accessories can enhance an effective predictive evaluation.The coolers and its accessories should be duely programmed for maintenance on sixth monthly, on a close supervision,this will enhance an effective performance of the plant. The coolers are sensitive heat dissipation element consisting of fins and tubing arranged in such a manner that barriers can be easily eliminated to enhance higher production output of the tubine without knecking.However the optimal leverage of the turbine effeciency are also micro manage to prevent down time.paraventure in company or organization where maintenance are enabled to suit the plant management programme of this nature,the team and programme should be tailored.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Description of Lift.and lifting accessories.

 In most cases when working in an environment where hydrocarbon is being produced,and a displacement of an operating machine or other sensitive equipment is required.The following steps should be conducted,i conduct survey in that particular area where the lifting work will be carried out. check the tophology of  the area  and if posibble test the porosity of the soil to confirm it is save for craning.check the load capacity if possible consult the site lifting supervisor for other necessary requirement.check the safe working load of the crane and approval details of the lifting crane and other recommendation,Also check the operator particulars and other necessary documentation .

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Compressor/Prime Mover (Motor) Flexible coupling

For the operation of the air compressor to be effective and conform to production demand, there is need for installation of a coupling between the electric motor and the air compressor.It is obvious that during the installation, a flexible elastomer coupling is used to enhance adequate operational requirement and flexibility.The main purpose of the installation of the flexible coupling is to connect two axially oriented shafts.And other advantages may include the following:
i) To transmit torque or rotary motion without slip at same time compensate for angular,axial,and parallel misalignment.
ii) There are many supplementary function which may also include:
 iii) Providing for or restricting axial movement of the connected shafts.
iv) Minimazing or eliminating the conduction of heat,electricity or tensional damping and tensioner turning system.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Location of installation of air compressor.

The air compressor installation should be located in a clean well lighted location and spaceous, enough to accomodate or allowed for dismantling of its accessories or parts when required. An overhead lifting device should be installed for positioning devices and accessories to where it may be required or positioned for regular maintenance or replacement of parts. It is imparative to provide good foundation for installation of all the devices. And also important is water drain outlet to avoid polluting the entire compressor shelter.However there is need for a prime mover for the air compressor which may be an electric motor or special designed with some factor of safety.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


An adequate independable supply of air or pneumatic energy is always very important for their consistency and economic operation of supply of air, and other pneumatic processes including operable machineries in order to obtain the maximum overal efficiency of the compressors, a good maintenance program should be adapted.And the following steps can also be applied to eliminate the first level of the maintence task:
i) To drain the air compressors accumulated water every morning, in case it does not have an auto drain system,
ii) To check and monitor the operating temperature of the compressor and electric motor.
iii)To clean the environment for accumulated drain or debris.
 iv) To check for abnormal noise and vibration etc.